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Head Coach Fredde

Fredde works with children from the age of four on up to all levels of adults. With the youngest children he introduces the tennis fundamentals in a fun way, working on the strokes and footwork as part of a game.  For the older children, he builds on those skills instilling confidence, agility and good instincts.


"Older kids usually have their high school tennis right in front of them and USTA tournaments frequently. They need to have more match play to work on interception, preparation and work on the emotional aspects of the game."  For many, clinics are a good beginning; for those who want to further develop their game, private lessons are necessary to achieve a higher level of play. 

For Fredde, teaching tennis involves a give and take between teacher and student, that creates the most effective and dynamic learning experience.  “When I started teaching at Rancho Niguel, I knew the basics, the ABC’s of teaching tennis, but I believe that teachers must keep evolving too. When you think you have learned it all, you’ve come to a dangerous point. I approach everyone differently. I try to get to know my clients, to understand what she or he wants to learn, and I try to motive them to learn given their natural ability, drive to succeed and the time he or she wants to devote to the court.”

A native of Sweden, Fredde began playing tennis at age 11, but his natural athleticism also showed on the soccer field, as a semi pro ice-hockey player, and 10 years playing with Stockholm's IBK, the first international champion Innebandy (Floorball) team. Then in the 70’s along came tennis legend, 11 time Grand Slam champion Bjorn Borg. “Bjorn Borg’s success in the early 70’s started a tennis boom in Sweden, as it did for me and my family." There were tennis courts built all over Sweden, and the game took off.

Fredde began to play and win. At first local and junior tournaments, then went on playing through the 80’s with hitting partner Lena Sandin, Sweden’s top female player of that time.  In the 90’s, Fredde played and won most of his college team matches. He won the Santa Monica Open Doubles in ‘97 and played in the semifinals of the La Jolla Open Men’s Singles in ‘98.

Fredde has been at The Club Rancho Niguel since September 1993. An in-demand, USTPA-certified professional, he has worked in local tennis programs in Laguna Hills, City of Norwalk and San Clemente, as well as at the Rusty Miller Tennis Academy and the Laguna Niguel Raquet Club. Top-30 world ranked tennis pro Leif Shiras gave Fredde his confidence to teach his son Emmet. He also coached world ranked WTA player Dominika Dieskova.

Fredde is also an accomplished songwriter musician.


Head Tennis Coach Fredde A
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