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Roland Garros: There's an App for That

It's French Open time again, where the world's top-ranked ATP and WTA players vie for honors on the clay-surfaced courts of Roland Garros in Paris.

It's great fun to watch on television if you get the Tennis Channel, or subscribe to Tennis Channel Plus. Sure you can go online to the Roland Garros website, but sometimes that's inconvenient. The solution the Roland Garros app for IOS or Android.

It's a handy tool on your smartphone to know when your favorite players are scheduled to play so you won't miss a match. There are live scores, results, news and detailed player listings with such nuggets as their age, height, weight, current and past rankings, income, and more.

It's a great resource if your on the courts yourself and need to back up your conviction about a player's attributes or just can't wait to find the outcome of a match.

The Australian Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open have similar apps that they update yearly.

BTW, Roland Garros was a famous World I French fighter pilot and aviator. He is credited with helping in the development of interrupter gear on airplane propellers so that machine guns could fire to the front of the craft on single-prop planes..

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