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Coach Daytri Campbell

Daytri's mission is to help passionate players across the world to develop the proper tennis fundamentals that make tennis fun. 

He started playing tennis at the age of four, and early on , his parents' background in sports kinesiology fueled him to learn about the biomechanics of advanced techniques of modern tennis. 

As a USPTA Certified Coach, Daytri  has spent the last decade making these instructions accessible to players of all levels and ages. 


Together, with his partners at the Rancho Niguel Tennis Academy, he continues to teach thousands of players across the world through his free online academy, RacquetFlex.  Daytri offers privates for personalized attention and group clinics that foster a love for the game.


The energy he brings into  each lesson guarantees that you will walk away from the lesson with a smile -- and a bigger stroke.


Call or Text:  949-293-9108


Watch Free Video Lessons by RacquetFlex at




Coach Daytri
USPTA Certified Professional
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